Stretch your team

by Gustavo Razzetti


To succeed in an uncertain, unpredictable and fast-changing world, organizations must become more adaptive. This ebook introduces the Adaptive Teams framework and provides actionable exercises to stretch your team’s behaviors and practices.

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In a world where change is the only constant, your team’s ability to adapt is a unique competitive advantage. However, becoming more nimble, agile, and flexible is easier said than done. Leaders must challenge their own mindsets and behaviors.

Stretch Your Team provides actionable insights and tools to increase change readiness, agility, creativity, and innovation. In this third book, Gustavo Razzetti presents learning from behind the scenes advising Fortune 500 companies and startups alike. Don’t expect an academic book, but real-life lessons to create more adaptive, innovative, and collaborative teams.

Gustavo Razzetti has decades of experience helping leaders, teams, and organizations become more innovative and successful. The author focuses on creative safe cultures with an experimental mindset. Start reading and future-proof your teams and organization.

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